Friday, 2018 July 20

Foundational Success for the New Generation Program

Friday, 2018 July 20
10:00 AM - 06:00 PM

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Course Information

70% of our program time is highly interactive, fast-paced, high energy, experiential learning, 20% is devoted to group discussion and 10% is concept transfer.

With highly interactive sessions, real life scenarios and role playing, participants will be able to step out of their comfort zone and engage in non-traditional interpersonal training that will make real transformations for a life time.

Pre-program Consultation

Consultant will consult with the participant on the learning objective and explore what the participant needs in order to make a transformation in the program.


Coaching in the Moment

Participation, coaching and guided discussions are the primary methods of delivery. We use a unique training style called "coaching in the moment" that allows our trainers to catch ineffective tendencies and patterns when it happens, offer a redirection or correction, and then will coach for immediate implementation. This allows people to quickly change behaviors and achieve higher levels of performance.

One-to-One Mentorship

All of the participants in the program will be assigned with a specific coach, he/she will be responsible to follow up with the participant and assist with mentorship to the program, school and personal lives.

Post program workshops


Graduates will receive communications to specific workshops and events to network with our fellow Dale Carnegie Graduates. Training workshops are also available to provide related tools and insights for on-going personal development


Program Benefit

A. Highly focused on their goals

B. Better decision makers and have a sense of responsibility when faced with difficult choices

C. More persuasive communicators

D. Better prepared for applying to college and interviewing for jobs

E. Able to confront problems and challenges in a more positive way

Language: English


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Suite 1701, 17/F, East Exchange Tower
38 Leighton Road,
Causeway Bay, 404300
Hong Kong
852 2845-0218

Who Should Attend

The program is highly suitable for young adults (14-19 years old) who are… A. Wanting a “Lead-start” in life B. Concerned about their career C. Preparing for life in University or higher education D. About to study abroad or facing a different environment E. Interested in enhancing communications and human relation skills with friends and family F. Driven to enhance their leadership abilities


Day 1
A. Build a Foundation for Success
    Connect with others to achieve breakthrough goals
B. Recall and Use Names
    Apply a proven process to recall names and facts
C. Build on Memory Skills and Enhance Relationships
    Utilize proven processes to build trust and stregnthen relationships
D. Increase Self-Confidence
    Use your experiences to communicate more confidently
Day 2
A. Enhance Relationships and Motivate Others
    Build trust and persuasively communicate so people are moved to action
B. Make Our Ideas Clear
    Communicate logically, clearly and concisely
C. Energize Our Communications
    Become more animated to energize and engage listeners
D. Put Stress in Perspective
    Handle stress before it handles you
Day 3
A. Gain Willing Cooperation and Commit to Influence Others
    Create a "all win" environment while increasing commitment
B. Disagree Agreeably
    Explore methods to minimize resistance and to sell your idea! Persuade others
C. Develop More Flexibility
    Use flexbility to build connections and create positive change
D. Build Others and Ourselves through Recognition
    Give positive feedback on the strengths in others to build better results
Day 4
A. Demonstrate Leadership
    Change people’s attitudes and behaviours for better results
B. Celebrate Achievements and Renew Our Vision
    Identify major success and commit to continuous improvement

Why the Dale Carnegie Certificate?
Competition in the workplace is fierce. To get where you want to be professionally, you need to give yourself an advantage. Dale Carnegie Training has a proven history of equipping individuals with valuable, real-world skills and is recognized world-reowned
training organizations. Most of which places high importance in applying interpersonal skills in work life to produce breakthrough results!

Suite 1701, 17/F, East Exchange Tower,
38 Leighton Road,
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Tel: 852 2845-0218

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